Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 'modern' afghan meal

It's almost dinner time, and once again, I contemplate what to cook. For starters, I need to consider who is all coming for dinner. Well, since it is a week day and work week, it will be just my wonderful husband and I for dinner. These days, when we both work during the week, dinner is still a cherished time for us to spend together and relax while eating great food. I know my husband loves kebab, rice and salad and is happy with that menu every night, if I can cook it!

The more I cook Afghan food, the more I realize that, it's really one meal that we both love (chicken, rice and salad). I try to differentiate by adding and substituting certain ingredients (say, roasted chicken, instead of pan cooked with different spices, or spinach salad instead of afghan salad- the kind with small chopped tomatoes, mint, onions and lettuce).
I enjoy seafood very much (since Afghanistan is landlocked with no access to the ocean and marina life, most Afghans especially the elders, are not big fans of shrimp and crab because they were not exposed to them growing up. I took a risk and made sushi for my husband’s family! I thought I would incorporate some thing new and fresh with the weekend BBQ kebab and rice meal. The elders asked if I should “cook’ the sushi first before eating it! Towards the end, it was the kebab and rice that everyone ate. Afghans love their cooked kebabs!

So tonight, I will do what any good wife would do to create a different routine and meal: Have left overs from last night's BBQ!

Here is a great website for Afghan meals:


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